Operating a successful Photography Studio for over 28 years has been very satisfying for me. It has taught me how to be creative, how to communicate very well with my clients and give them a product they will cherish the rest of their lives.

I started my career on February 8, 1990 from my Parents House as a Family and Pets Photographer, known as CKB Photography. I learned rather quickly, if I wanted to be successful in this business, Weddings was the way to go. I learned from a fellow Military friend Mike Harvey that Hilburger Studio in Amherst, NY was looking for an intern. I took on the roll and in my 4 year career with them, I photographed over 55 Weddings. During my time with Hilburger Studio, Owner and Mentor Dennis always said to look for Expressions before taking a picture, so in 1993 I changed my business name to Boswell Photographic Expressions while running a second Studio with a friend John DiNardo, known as Bosinardo Photography Services.

Fast forward 3 years, in 1996 I changed my name for the final time to Boswell Photo and also in 1996 I changed my Military career from Base Supply on the 107th side to Combat Communications Photographer on the 914th side with the Air Force in Niagara Falls, NY.

I retired from the Military with 20+ years from the Reserves in 2009 to enjoy my success  photography career and to this day I continue to love creating memories for my clients.

Besides photographing Weddings, I learned over the years to have a rewarding career with   photographing, I’d have to do a lot of different types of photography from High School Seniors, Day Cares, Dance Schools, Proms, Martial Arts (of which I am a Black Belt in Tae Kwon-Do), Sports, Advertising, Pets, Babies plus Commercial work including FORD Motor Company out of Woodlawn, NY and Dearborn, Michigan.

I hope those clients that are reading this and looking through my website can see my passion for what I do and how I do it and decide Boswell Photo is the best choice for their photography needs.  

I often tell my clients you can read my reviews online or you can actually read what my clients think of Boswell Photo and me with letters they have written and how they show appreciation for what I have done for them.

I love what I have done for over 28 years and plan on continuing for at least another 16 years. 

Things I like to do: Spend time with my wife Cathy, bike riding, walking, learning and watching Hallmark and Lifetime movies with my wife.  I have 2 daughters and 3 Grand children + 1 to be and 2 Grand dogs.