Restoration. Restoring a picture back to it's original form takes time, takes patience and in many cases creativity.  I had a woman drop this picture off of her father from 60 years ago. The original was cracked, water drops, stains and built in dust from years of poor display and storage.

You can see after the work a beautiful image that when I showed to the daughter of this man, she loved it. Thought I did an excellent job from the original state of the picture. 

MaryJane Googled Restoration of old pictures and my name appeared. I got the call, was offered the opportunity to create a work of art.


Thursday, March 23, 2017
By Boswell Photo
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Welcome to our new Blog and Website. Celebrating the our 27th year in business in Kenmore, New York. 

February 8, 1990 was my official first professional portrait taken with my 35mm Minolta of my friends

daughter Autumn and her dog Dusty. With better Marketing and high end equipment, I was on my way

to a successful career in photography.  


I specialized in several types of photography: Weddings, High School Senior Pictures, Dance Schools,

Day Cares and Pre Schools, to Portraits of Amateur Sports League and Teams, Families, Children,

Pre Teen, Babies, Maternity, Modeling Portfolio's, Head Shots, Commercial and Advertising work. 

In talking with a Entrepreneur, she said, "1 person can't specialize in several different types of

tasks within your profession, know matter what the clients think and love." Specialist can only

specialize in, at best 3 things to do with their actual job.



Below is a Portrait of a Local Volunteer Fire hero. I have had the honor of photographing this

Fire Department for several years and they also during the Lenten season have the best

Fish Fry's in Town and amazing people who show up every Friday to enjoy their Dinner and

meet up with friends and make new ones.


Please check out the rest of our Website and enjoy our photography.




Christopher K. Boswell, Owner/Photographer



Wednesday, February 07, 2018
By Boswell Photo
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How does a photographer know what to charge a Bride and Groom for there Wedding Package?  Accept for 2 years ago, Boswell Photo has always been known as an "Undercutter" in the Wedding prices department. In my mind, I'm not undercutting a Bride who can't afford the higher prices that other studio's charge. So I feel my prices are perfect, but in case I was wrong, 2 years ago I did a study on pricing. I raised my prices across the board and started another Wedding Photography Business with prices even higher than my Boswell Photo prices I raised over $500.00 each package. With the new business name, I created a different website, different phone number, flyers, business cards with a total investment of just under $1,000.00 and did it work? No!  During an 11 month period, investing over $4,000.00 in advertising for Boswell Photo and Wedding Photography by Chris, I receive 8 phone calls, 3 consultations and booked 1 bride through the second business name.

After 11 months, I lowered my packages to where they haven't really changed in over 10 years and booked 35 weddings in 2017.  So the moral of the study, higher prices I'd go bankrupt, lower prices work, correct? You'd say of course! This years my prices are as low as last year and I only have 8 weddings as of this post. My competition says raise your prices and you'll book more, I did that already and booked less. Bookings to this point are lower than normal and some say it could be your reviews.

I will shed my experience and knowledge of Reviews on my next Post.  Enjoy your time ahead of you.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
By Boswell Photo
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Majestic Bride from our Fine Art Series.

Saturday, April 29, 2017
By Boswell Photo
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Kenny Dancing Upsdie Down

First ever upside down dancer at any of my 800 plus weddings.

The Cupid Shuffle

Tuesday, September 26, 2017
By Boswell Photo
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Starting to do some "Fine Art" Posters. This is an example from my Wedding on Friday, September 22, 2017 at "The Woods at Bear Creek" in Franklinville, NY